God's Love – Heather Martin – Original Composition

Copyright 2008 Cindy D. Martin

Another original. Heather was recently 1st place statewide winner in the Country Music Singers Association – New Gospel Category, and will compete nationally in Pigeon Forge, TN in March.

Music & Lyrics by Cindy D. Martin2008

Love, Gods love, is a gift freely given,
To us, to all, to each of His dearly loved children,
And I want to sing about it, until everyone knows about it,
Love, Gods love, is the answer.

Love, Gods love, is a sanctuary,
A place, thats safe, to pour out your fear and worry,
And I want to sing about it, until everyone knows about it,
Love, Gods love, is the answer.

Oh, one beautiful night, God gave us His son,
And up on the cross, He would shed His blood,
So forever we may live with Him, So we will be forgiven,
What greater love?

Love, Gods love, is a cup running over,
Someday, I pray, we can all love each other,
And I want to sing about it, until everyone knows about it,
Love, Gods love, is the answer,
Love, Gods love, is the answer.


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  1. i think its awesome that she sings the songs her mom writes and sings with her…she is a really good singer for her age…must have been born with the talent! im sure she will be famous one day! πŸ™‚

    keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  2. Heather you keep going girl, you sang remarkably and your voice is great now, hardly imagine what you will sound like years down the road. You are such a pretty little girl and I'm sure Mommy & Daddy's precious angel. Good Job!!!

  3. Hey! We had such a great time in Pigeon Forge and learned SO much. It was Heather's first time to compete and she won the Horizon Awards in both New Gospel 7-12 Vocal and Entertainer of the Year categories. We'll try to post a couple of the videos soon!

  4. yeah i been wondering the samething too. I want to ask to Heather is when she going to put up a new video on her channel? I would love to see Heather do Creeingles compitition I already did my video for her for season 5 you and everybody should check her out its alot of fun Quadracer687 (Laura)

  5. i dont know where heather and her mom are at now as far as recording and getting music published but i was wondering if they are still trying? you might want to see if you can get some music to bill mack (the satellite cowboy)hes the one that got leanne rhimes started and he has a gospel show on sunday where he will feature some music from just regular people…it might be something to check on…i would really like to see them make it big…

  6. You are so right! And you are one of god's angels little one. You just keep singing about it sweatheart. We all need more of that. And we all need more of your songs too. God bless you all. Love and hugs, Lisa(M.O.M.-mind over matter) squeeeeeeez!

  7. Hi Cindy and Heather, all the memories from watching this video. I sent you a video from the creeingles idol search. but I sent the wrong video, I sent you the us and canada us singers please watch. the link is on the discription box for the audition video and you have to watch the whole entire video and read the rules. Also you have to do a 2nd video called extra credit round. I hope you are doing well. take care Quadracer687

  8. I'm sorry on the other comment I meant to hit reply and I hit remove. but i did see your comments. I just don't know what that creeingle or whatever you called it is. Is it something put on by YouTube?

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