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  1. It´s one of the best Anime Openings i have ever seen…. But to think it comes from a game. I am gonna replay this game and probably loose hours just seeing the Op in my PSP XDDD. If you haven´t played it, GO PLAY IT NOW.

  2. the game is pretty fun i agree, spanning over possibly 80 plus mission maybe more with dlc. the storyline lacks slightly, however the gameplay makes up with that. the aragami are fun to hunt, and come in diffrent colors and sizes.i just recently hunted a fallen oroborus, with customizable weapons, and outfits it also adds a flare of freshness to the game. and puts you in a rush to collect them all , with the save import feature you can import all you clothes weapons etc to a new game+ kinda deal

  3. A few years ago I played this game, and thought the opening was regular techno remix of the original one, then recently I played it again, and I just realized that it's actually dubstep remix
    Well, at least this is one of the few tolerable dubsteps I've heard

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