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  1. If God is there why did he create suffering of its beings? Why did he create injustice? Why does he want sacrifice of an innocent animal to please him? Why should lion always kill a deer and humans always kill a cow or chicken? Why not the opposite?

  2. to all the people who think that God and Jesus aren't real, it doesn't matter how much proof you have against Christianity, I've always known that it is better to believe in something that has no exact proof for being real than to believe in nothing at all

  3. people that mock the Bible and other scriptures, along with Christians in general, obviously have never read the Bible and studied it and try to understand what the prophets were saying, and so those people, as in many of the people that are commenting here that have negative things to say about God and Christianity in the Bible and such don't realize that they sound exactly like the people that the prophets told us about would sound like. all of this speculation that I am reading from peoples comments are precisely what the prophets told us people would be saying in the last days, namely speculating about the existence of God and the meaning of life having no meaning or that the meaning is particular to the individual. all of that speculation comes from uninspired thinking that has been allowed you to remain susceptible to external and unseen forces, which you of course will balk at and mock. Satan is also real, and his greatest deception is that he "doesn't exist." In o t her words, here, like I've invited (all of us) to do is STOP asking the Internet about Hod, but get on your knees, and pour out your heart to God. TALK to our Heavenly Father like you would want to/hope to someone that loves you unconditionally, not judging you. You WILL receive correct answers to your prayers. Just be sensitive to things/happenings in your life that lead you to good, not weird.

  4. first of all, God is real. We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ, is the one mentioned in the Bible, is the Son of God. What that means is he is our Heavenly Father's only son begotten in the flesh. this explore God stuff, from what I can see is very Antichrist. as you look at some of the other videos alongside this one like famous people that don't believe in God, all I can say to you is who gives a crap when Angelina Jolie rainy other screwed up bad example people like those are think? if you sincerely want to know if God is real get on your knees in private and pray and ask God are you real and if you sincerely want to know also asked was Jesus your son? if you are sincere to know and act and change your life accordingly be on the lookout and God will send you sincere honest honest messengers. stop asking for answers on Google and YouTube. pray. you are a child of a real and living God! of this I know, I don't just think or believe I know. In the name of Jesus Christ I so proclaim it, amen.

  5. Spend your life looking for a ghost or spend it like it's the only one you have.

    Don't run around looking for the Man in the sky.. All you'll find is clouds, spend it on what you want instead.

    And don't thank God for your life, thank your parents and this Universe.

  6. "Everybody wants to know why we were put here? Everyone wants to know this?"

    I don't. I do not think there is a great purpose or that we were "put here". We are here and we are alive. What we do with our lives is up to us. We will all die and become wormwood and although that is not a particularly cheery though it is certainly what we can physically demonstrate as truth. 

    Anything more than this is simply wanting more. Perhaps appeasing a want of more meaning or to ratify a greater self-importance, or shaking your fist against your mortality or a fear of death or a want to transcend this world for something better. 

    I do not think it is objectively provable and probably not something I am likely to ponder or reflect on too much

  7. And why does life have to have purpose. Humans have to give something meaning for it to have purpose it isn't as if there is some divine meaning behind everything. We exist from a series of random events that partook over the course of the universes 13 billion year history. Thats it. We are lucky.

  8. God is the form of all divine energy. God isn't something in the sky watching down on you, God is the essence of life itself, it's why the bible says God is always with you, because YOU ARE GOD. The thing is, this hasn't really been taught. We have religions debating with each other over who's right, but they all agree that there is one God.

    We all have different view points, we all look different, we choose our paths differently but were really all the same inside, longing to find a purpose.
    It's the same with religions, theyre all different but they all preach the same thing.

    That is the point, not to fear a man in the sky, but to find a personal God within our own selves and in turn grow. I left the church at 18 and it was 4 years later that I found out what God is, the church is man made after all, not made by God, if your faith doesnt serve you, find a new one, but God will stay with you though it and adapt to what you want.

  9. If you are seeking a new and different explanation of the truth that makes sense, search for "Truth Contest" in Google and click the 1st result, then click on "The Present" and read what it says. This is truth you can check.

  10. Abraham_Hicks YouTubes
    The curiosity is your higher self. You create your own reality, you either love and live in joy or love commiserating your misery. You get to choose how your life plays out. This is your RESPONSIBILITY, you can't pack it off on some unknown deception that is just another negative thought eliciting emotions from you like Pavlov's dog. This is to help you, but I am not entering any debates with anyone, just so you know that up front. Have a beautiful life!

  11. Of course, we all have questions about how the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe. After all, He put that curiosity in all of our hearts.

  12. The question is not "Why were we put here?". That is a leading question. If the question was , why are we here, that's ok. Answer? Nobody knows. Frankly, I don't care either. The fact is we are here. Lets enjoy ourselves and not hurt other people. God is irrelevant.
    Also, hearts do not have questions. They pump blood. End of story.

  13. Thank you for allowing other people ouside the faith to have this conversation about God. Because, usually we will call him, if we believe or not, when in a fox-hole. When crisis come we call-the beauty of it all is that, if we are sincere he will answer us. You are so important no matter where you are in today emotionally, spiritually, morally, financially or socially-he (God), loves you, how you are and where you are now. Juani

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