*41 Years Ago: Oden & The History of Wano (God's Valley) | One Piece

Oden’s flashback is one of the most anticipated in recent memory and should answer several of the questions we had in regards to Wano’s history. How does it tie into the God Valley incident and there’s been a major change in the timeline from chapter 959.

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  1. I just realized luffy, teach and mermaid princess are ancient weapons!
    Remember when Shyarly reads Luffy's fortune? She can only foresight destruction, that also explains why black beard can use 2 devil fruit powers, and princess shirahoshi can call and command the seakings. By the way about Shanks I think he's somekind of controller that can triggered Luffy(an ancient weapon) to destroy the world that's why the government are scared to him and luffy being the son of duragono. Luffy may not be a real son of dragon. I think Dragon became the most wanted man because of Luffy he may use Luffy once to cause destruction because as I said he might be an ancient weapon.
    Shanks might know about this because he's part of Roger's crew!
    When all 3 of 'em meet it might be the one fucking piece!!! As White Beard said "It's not you teach the pirate roger is waiting for!" Because Whitebeard knows that blackbeard is one of the ancient weapon. Of course I think he also knows that luffy and shirahoshi are both ancient weapon.
    Definition of ancient weapons
    The Ancient Weapons (古代兵器, Kodai Heiki?) are three weapons capable of mass destruction, each taking a different form. They are known as Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus, each named after a deity for their godly powers.[2] The weapons are not limited only to inanimate objects, but consist of living beings as well.

  2. I just realized, Odens clothes in the last page of chapter 959 is similar to shuntenmarus clothes, and he is the nephew of kizaru??

    So… it's not far fetched that Shuntenmaru or even kizaru originated from Wano

  3. What if wano was closed off by D clan members or allinace so that the world government would not have any influence their, for D members to make their journey to one piece via wano.

  4. As much as I loved the chapters outside of wano I still think that it was a bad idea for ota to do it that way. the beginning of act two and three felt like shit compared to those chapters. Ever since act three started I have been so bored.

  5. Ah, One Piece; probably the only anime/manga in which us, the fanbase loves to see a filler backstory because it's so damn interesting and informative that it doesn't stray from the main story…

  6. SO what if Big Mom and Kaido used some form of Big Mom's power to make them invincible, and that is the favor Kaido owes? Why can Garp (The man who destroyed Roks pirates) bleed yet we've never seen Big Mom nor Kaido bleed until Big Mom loses concentration?

  7. I listen to most of your stuff, you put clips up. Would be nice if you can add a clip of the ppl your talking about. When you start talking about all these characters I get lost as to who’s who and have to google it or pause to figure out who your talking about. But all and all love it! Intro is sick!

  8. All of the yonko on rocks ship were not yonko strength at the time. That is like saying back in Arlong park, Zoro could have one shot Pika.

    Also Roger did not have an ambition to become pirate king. As Rayleigh said *He did not care for titles*.

  9. What if Ino sama struck a deal with kiado to keep wano isolated and kill Oden who was gaining knowledge of the void century…. I think Ino sama gave him the dragon dragon fruit to have him fulfill that duty

  10. What if the Kozuki clan had to make a deal with the WG after the war with Great Kingdom? Isolate yourselves or perish? They did isolate, but wrote the history on the poneglyphs so it wouldn't be lost.

  11. Zunisha wasn't instructed to Jack.

    Anyone with the voice of all can communicate with Zunisha, Momo's ancestry were probably the cause of the punishment, Zunisha just needed the okay (and use kenbunshoku to show momo what was happening through his own eyes)

  12. I need some advice from you guys. I'm on the summit war in the anime, and haven't read any manga chapters. My plan is to catch up to the anime, then read the manga from the point the anime is at then. Is this a good plan? BDA, if you could give any advice as well, I'd really appreciate it

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